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Your Wedding Supports Local Businesses

It's engagement season! This means I have been spending my days on the phone with newly engaged couples planning their wedding budgets.

A question I get asked so often is from couple's wanting to know how much they should plan to spend; and then why everything wedding planning related costs so much.

I think this is a natural question from people who have never been married before and don't know the behind the scene details of planning high end, large events. But there is a secret about spending money on your wedding. The secret is that your wedding helps more than just the newlyweds and their guests, it's that the wedding supports a plethora of small, local businesses in the area.

Each wedding employs at least fifteen local vendors in your area. The venue, wedding planner, hair stylist, DJ, tailor, florist, photographer, makeup artist, bartender, wedding shop, all of them are small, local businesses that depend on couples getting married and needing their services.

We depend on bride and grooms having small, medium, or large weddings! This provides for not only ourselves and our families, but also our dreams we had when we started our companies.

I think it is easy to forget all of this in the age of huge companies where one customers won't make or break them. Local businesses depend on ever single couple they can get.

Every wedding vendor you book dances a little happy dance every time they book a bride and groom. You deciding to have a wedding enables the small local businesses in your area to thrive. Your wedding day not only gives love and joy to you, but also to so many others. Support your local businesses this wedding season, spend a little more money, and have your dream wedding. You and so many others will be so grateful you did.

Happy planning!

McKenna Folmar

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