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Why You Need A Fun Bachelorette Trip

Bachelorette trips have become increasingly popular these days, and for a good reason!

I must admit though, that I just thought they were an added expense until my sister in law planned one for me before my own wedding!

The trip she planned completely changed my mind on overnight bachelorette trips and I am here to tell you why you need one too.

It Extends The Week Of The Wedding

If you have your bachelorette trip the week of your wedding, it extends the wedding so all the fun isn't just going on at the wedding rehearsal and wedding day. You have the same excitement, bubbly bride feelings, and emotions that you do for the big day and you just get to enjoy it for longer!

It Gives You Quality Time With Your Bridesmaids

There is something so special and memorable about a wedding. And having the opportunity to spend a few days with some of the women you love most in the world is refreshing. It is the last chance to go out and be crazy as a single woman and who better to spend those moments with than with your bridal squad? Not only that, but you have the deepest and meaningful conversations that you will always remember.

It Enables You To Relax Before The Wedding Day

There are so many decisions and pressure leading up to your wedding. By the time the wedding is seven days out, you are exhausted and a little stressed out. You don't know how refreshing it is to take three days and stay at a resort that is calm and just relax.

For my bachelorette trip, my sister in law booked us a room at a resort right by Disney. We spent three days drinking wine by the pool, getting massages, eating pasta, and then enjoyed a night at Disney. My other sister in law even planned a lingerie shower that we celebrated on the trip, too.

Those three days were so relaxing and fun. I turned off all notifications on my phone, didn't check my emails, and did zero work. I have the best memories from them and I was so refreshed and ready for my wedding.

Now that you have read this, it is time for you to share this article with your bridal squad so they can plan a magical and relaxing bachelorette trip! Enjoy!

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