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Why I Love Being A Wedding Coordinator

At the end of the last wedding I coordinated I got in my car and took a giant breath. My feet were covered in blisters after a 14 hours on my feet, I had gotten in between a near fist fight between two of the bride's family members, and I had just cleaned up a bunch of decorations that the family and florist had forgotten.

Wedding Reception

I took a deep breath and started driving home. While I tried to stay awake, I began thinking about the day - starting from the beginning.

When I arrived that morning the bride was getting her makeup done. As soon as I arrived she grabbed my hand and asked, with the most sweet and hopeful eyes, if the venue looked the way we had planned. I then got the joy of telling her that it was exactly as she imagined. She had the happiest smile, and settled back into her chair to finish getting her makeup done.

A few hours later, I went into the groom's room to line up the groomsmen. They were about to take a shot of bourbon, they turned to me once I entered and offered me one. I laughed and took a celebratory shot with them, they were all laughing with one another and hugging the groom. After the shot while I was lining them up to walk down the aisle, I was so aware of how excited they all were, and the honor I had in experiencing this moment with them.

At the reception - after I had broken up the fistfight, I walked back into the reception and saw the bride, groom, and their five year old daughter dancing together at the wedding reception. They had no idea of what just happened outside. The love, joy, and care they had for each other in that moment brought tears to my eyes. It was one of the sweetest and most precious moments I have witnessed at a wedding.

So even though at the end of the day my feet could hardly be stood on, I did countless things that no one saw or appreciated, and that I was the last one to leave after making sure the food was cleaned up, the flowers were gone, and that the chairs were put away. It was all worth it and worth what I earned that day and worth so much more.

There are so very many unglamorous parts to being a wedding coordinator. But somehow, all of these chores, like carrying an extra pair of shoes in case the bride wants them, holding dirty plates so they weren't in a photo, and spending an extra hour to make sure the seating chart actually worked, didn't really matter.

What did matter, was all the beautiful moments that I was honored enough to enjoy and spend with the beautiful people that chose to include me on their wedding day.

I love my job, and I love the bride and grooms I work with.

Thank you for booking me for the most special day of your life.



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