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What To Pack In Your Wedding Emergency Kit

We have all seen those pre-packed kits you can get online or in bridal boutiques. But do these pre-packed kits actually have what you need for your wedding day emergency kit?

I have been working in the wedding industry for almost 10 years now. I have seen some crazy things happen while working events and have created an extensive stash of products that have saved the day countless times. Today, I have decided to share my list of products in my wedding emergency kit with you!

Wedding kit

  1. A steamer - don't forget the distilled water for it!

  2. Black eyelash glue

  3. Tide stain remover stick

  4. Shout Wipe And Go stain removing wipes

  5. Clear nail polish

  6. Toothpicks

  7. A sewing kit with multiple thread color options

  8. Buttons - you don't know how many groomsmen, grooms, and officiants have lost buttons on the wedding day.

  9. Fabric tape

  10. Tape for the floor - this helps the bridesmaids and groomsmen remember where to stand for the ceremony

  11. Pain killers

  12. Cold medicine

  13. Mints and gum

  14. Extra pins for boutonniere - make sure they have pearl tops!

  15. Bobby pins

  16. Clear elastic hair ties

  17. Hair scrunchies

  18. Granola bars

  19. An EpiPen - always be prepared to save someone's life!

  20. Band aids

  21. Tampons/Pads

  22. Safety pins

  23. A black ink pen - always need an extra one for the marriage license.

  24. Instant coffee

There you have it! The 24 items that are always in my wedding emergency kit. Occasionally, there will be a few extra items that make their way inside, but these 24 always have a home there.

What were products that you wished you brought on your wedding day? Comment below and tell me!

Happy planning.

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