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Wedding Day At Casino San Clemente

"McKenna is an INCREDIBLE wedding planner. You know those people who are just impressively good at what they do? That's McKenna! Looking back on the whole process, I can confidently say the wedding planner was one of (if not THE) most important hires. You can't go wrong with McKenna! First of all she's just a sweet, kind and lovely person to work with throughout your engagement-- her energy and enthusiasm is infectious, and she's very well connected and experienced with various vendors. Her communication is clear and patient, which helps make this overwhelming experience fun and simple-- which it SHOULD be! Once the big day finally arrived, she was an absolute force as our day-of coordinator! We felt seen, cared for and confidently guided and instructed. Our wedding day ran seamlessly and beautifully. Even our entire bridal parties were impressed by her and only had wonderful things to say. Overall, we had just the most amazing time and we are thrilled to have had the experience of working with her. She and her team are A+ professionals. We couldn't have asked for better!"

We loved L+Z's wedding day at Casino San Clemente this April! This day was full of love, joy, citrus, and beauty. Thank you for letting us be a part of your wedding day, L+Z!

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