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Tiffany + Sergio

What a beautiful wedding day Tiffany and Sergio had. It was so full of peace, love, and joy.

We hosted the wedding and reception at the Orlo House and Ballroom. Tiffany wanted to transform the ballroom, so we hug white, flowy draping with greenery all along the wall to romance the space. We had our cocktail hour inside the historic house and the guests loved going from room to room exploring.

In years passed, my favorite part of a wedding day was the moment right before the bride walked down the aisle. There is such anticipation, excitement, and butterflies in that moment. I still love that part of the day so much, however, my favorite part lately has been the reception. There is a moment with the bride and groom when they have just hit the dance floor together with the cocktail of choice in hand that is just magical. The smiles, the joy, the relief in their eyes as they dance the night away just makes me so happy.

Congratulations to Sergio and Tiffany! I wish you both a lifetime of happiness together.

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