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The Best Shoes For Your Wedding

You would be surprised how many questions I get from brides regarding what shoes they should wear on their wedding day. These questions inspired me to write a post telling you what I think the best shoes to wear on your wedding day are and where you can find them.

1- Kailee P

Kailee P has my favorite shoes... ever. I actually got my wedding shoes from this woman-owned company! My shoes were silk, blush, and beautiful. Unfortunately, I took them off during the reception and forgot to put them on before the grand exit. No one knows what happened after I left, but they were never returned.

But... I digress.

Kailee P have the most comfortable, stylish, and beautiful wedding shoes. They have an incredible color selection to choose from. It's always fun to have a pop of color on your feet on your wedding day! From silk, to glitter, to lace, any style you are wanting — they have. And once more, they even have matching ones for your flower girl!

Their sale section is great too if you are looking for a good deal. I have personally spoken to the folks over there and their customer service is top notch. I can't recommend this company - and their shoes - enough. For weddings, special events, or when you just want pretty shoes, go straight to Kailee P.

I have a personalized coupon code that I give all my brides for 20% off your order!

Use code: EventsbyMcKenna20

at checkout for 20% off your entire order!

2- Jimmy Choo Aveline 100

Alright, so I know these shoes are almost $1,000, but look how stunning they are. You can actually find shoes that are similar to this for a fraction of the price. However, let's look at the structure and finesse of this shoe. It's small strap, thin heel, and dramatic bow just make it a gorgeous wedding shoe, in my opinion. Wear a long dress for the ceremony, then change into a short one for the reception to show off these incredible shoes.

3- Kate Spade Glitter Keds

Let's be honest - there is nothing better than Kate Spade anything.

These shoes are perfect for the bride that wants to be comfortable, but still classy. The silk ribbon, white glitter, and gold accents are just gorgeous. And, they have amazing reviews, too! Better yet, you can wear them after the wedding for a fun and sparkly night out.

So here we are, my 3 favorite shoes for your wedding day. Do you agree? What shoes did you get for your wedding?

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