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Stop Using Fake Flowers For Your Events!

If you have spent any time working an event with me, you will soon find out that my number 1 rule for decorations is to never use fake flowers. Here is why!

You Lose The Magic Of Real Flowers

The textures, the glorious scents, the luxurious ambiance they give off, all of this is lost when you use fake flowers. Not to mention, losing the feeling of carrying a real bouquet down the aisle if you choose to use fake flowers. For a wedding, there is something so special about putting your dress on and carefully picking up a bouquet. There is a magic that you lose when you don't use real flowers.

Fake Flowers Scream That You Don't Care

Nothing cries out more at an event with real flowers than, "Oh, these are the most beautiful arrangements. The host must really care not only about this event, but also about their guests to invest in such beauty for us to enjoy."

Now contrast this when you walk into a party with fake flowers as the centerpieces.

"Oh, these centerpieces are nice, but they are fake. I guess the host wants to be able to reuse them or had them in her attic."

Alright, maybe the attic was a stretch, but you get the point.

Let's Look Down The Road

Alright so you use fake flowers for your events to save money. You plan to reuse them for years to come. This does not work! Not only do you have to store them in a way where they won't be covered in dust and dirt the next time you need them, but fake flowers smell like a crayon - even if they are stored in an air conditioned area.

Trust me, it doesn't work the way you think it will long term.

I started a job at an events center a few years ago, and they had totes full of fake floral arrangements. Every single one reeked of crayons and had dust all up in them. I threw them all away and we only used real flowers after that.

So with these facts in mind, I hope we can all agree to never use fake flowers for our events ever again.

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