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Preparing For The Unexpected

I always tell my brides not to worry about their wedding day. That every detail from the smallest to the largest will all work out and that their wedding will be magical.

However, there is a difference between worrying and planning for the unexpected. There is always something unexpected that comes up on a wedding day.

So how do we prepare for the unexpected without spending the weeks leading up to a wedding in a nervous mess? Let me tell you!

1 - Do Not Panic

Did you ever watch Bug's Life growing up? I did. In the beginning scene something happens that is not according to plan, and all the ants start melting down.

Out of nowhere someone cries, "Do not panic! Do not panic - we are trained professionals!"

Every time something happens that was not planned for at a wedding, that line runs through my head.

In the photos above, I am sewing the straps back on the bride's wedding dress. During the "getting ready" photos that the photographers and videographers were taking, the strap broke. I walked in to four different vendors swarming the dress in panic. The first thing that came out of my mouth was, "Do not panic. I can fix this."

I opened my emergency kit, picked the thread that best matched the dress, and in ten minutes the dress was good as new. The bride didn't even know this happened until after the wedding.

A wise and gifted wedding coordinator told me this once, "There are no disasters on a wedding day, but simply hurdles to overcome."

When something happens that is not according to plan, don't panic. There is a solution for everything that can come up - and usually it is simpler than what you may think!

2 - Pack Your Emergency Kit

Always have an emergency kit on hand and never buy one that is pre-made.

Here is what I suggest filling your emergency kit with:

  1. A Steamer

  2. Clear Nail Polish

  3. Toothpicks

  4. A Sewing Kit With Multiple Thread Color Options And Buttons

  5. Fabric Tape

  6. Two Types Of Stain Removers

  7. A Protein Bar

  8. Pain Killers And Cold Medicine

  9. Mints

  10. Extra Pins For Boutonnières

  11. Bobby Pins

  12. Elastic Hair Ties

  13. Band Aids

  14. Lipstick

  15. Black Lash Glue

  16. Tampons/Pads

I am going to write a blog post just on wedding day emergency kits where we do a deep dive, but these 16 things will save the day every time.

3 - Fix It And Move On

Unexpected surprises happen on your wedding day. Your veil may get caught on something and might pull out part of your hairstyle, the florist may forget the pedals for the flower girl, your bridesmaid may need to be sewn into her dress - all of these things have happened to me while coordinating weddings. This is why I highly recommend having a wedding coordinator - we shield the bride from this kind of stress.

However, when these things happen, you have a choice. You can start panicking - this is your wedding day, everything has to be perfect, what are we going to do? Or, you can take a deep breath, fix the problem, and move on with your day. No problem that comes up is worth the joy it will rob to get too worked up.

So take a deep breath, do not panic, grab that emergency kit, and pass the problem off to your wedding coordinator.

Whatever hurdles to overcome your wedding day brings, know that that will create a memory that you will look back on and laugh about in later years. Enjoy your wedding, and plan for the unexpected so you can handle it when it comes your way.

Happy planning!

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