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Plan Your Wedding + Stay In Budget

Planning your wedding without leaving your budget in the dust is something that most of us struggle with.... but we don't have to! After planning weddings for almost ten years, I have tips to give you the wedding of your dreams that your bank account can afford.

Be Honest With Your Partner

The first time you sit down with your partner to start talking about the wedding, be as honest as possible about finances and your hopes and dreams for the wedding day. Be clear about your expectations, your overall vision for the day, and what you can afford.

Make A List

Everyone must be so sick of me saying this, but trust me, it will help you save so much time and money. When you begin planning your wedding, sit down and write a list of the top four things that matter the most to you on your wedding day.

Mine were flowers, music, alcohol, and venue.

Prioritize the things that matter and save money on things that you don't care about as much.

Don't Make Emotional Decisions

You might read this and say, "McKenna, I am planning my wedding, everything about it makes me emotional!"

What I mean when I say not to make an emotional decision is when you are meeting with a vendor and fear, anxiety, and emotions lead your decisions more than facts — STOP!

Don't make a decision that you don't actually feel comfortable with. This could happen when we tour a venue we can't afford or try on a wedding dress that is over our budget. We get lured into this magical daze of wedding bliss, emotions, and clever sales people. Suddenly, you are sitting in front of someone while holding a glass of champagne and they are about to charge your credit card a number that you never dreamed of spending on something that they are telling you you need!

This is why making a list of what you want matters so much. It is really easy to be meeting with a vendor and they can pressure or talk you into making a decision that you either don't actually want or can't actually afford.

Do not say yes to anything that you are not 100% comfortable with. If you are unsure about a vendor or wedding decision, take a night and sleep on it before making an impulsive decision that you will regret later.

Planning a wedding without leaving your budget in the dust is hard, but hopefully these three tips will help you!

I am always here to help you with all your wedding and event planning needs! Email me today to get started.

Happy planning!


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