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No More Wedding Cake

There are a few traditions at weddings that really need to go, and wedding cake is one of them.

Trust me, no one will miss it.

The fact is, unless you serve a small meal at your wedding or have an extra long reception, by the time it's time to cut the cake, none of your guests will be hungry for it.

I can feel your annoyance. Here I am just raining on the wedding cake parade. Your might ask, "McKenna, we have to have some kind of dessert. Are you telling me my guests will be ok without a sweet treat? What about the actual tradition of cutting a wedding cake?"

The truth of the matter is that there are better options than a huge, overpriced, and boring cake. I am going to tell you what I did for my wedding and other options for those not on the wedding cake for everyone train.

I had a small cake to cut, and then mini desserts for everyone! Mini cheesecakes, mini chocolate tarts, and an array of cookies. I think I ate like one bite of cake that my husband fed me and then went straight to the cookies.

Different dessert options, like the donut wall, had moments of fame, but guests will never get tired of a dessert bar. Mini pies, mini cookies, macarons, you name it. This is not only more creative than cake, but it works almost like and activity for guests too. Think of a six foot charcuterie table, now imagine it filled with sweet treats. Amazing, right?

Trust me, these ideas are wayyy better than cake.

Happy planning!


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