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Lauren and Jared

"I could not have asked for a more dedicated and kind coordinator - McKenna is wonderful!

McKenna is an incredibly gifted and dedicated wedding planner. Her love for what she does as well as her expertise and professionalism shines so brightly and I lovingly refer to her as my calming beacon throughout every step of my wedding. I had such peace of mind having her there and I highly recommend her for your special event."

I loved being a part of Lauren and Jared's special wedding day. They are a model couple for setting the tone for their own wedding. Their graciousness, calm spirits, and genuine joy to get married and celebrate with their dear friends made everyone feel at ease. Their reception was full of joy and festivities for all their guests, and it was a magical day.

Thank you for letting me come along and share your joy, Lauren and Jared! Much love to you both.

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