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How To Plan A Magical Send Off

It is one of the last details of your wedding day, but one that shouldn't be overlooked. The send off has turned into a huge photo opportunity that everyone wants, but planning for photos shouldn't be the only thing that is taken into consideration for your departure.

Here are things to consider as you plan your magical send off.

Wedding Grand Exit
Magical Send Off

Do What You Want To Do

This seems very basic, but you don't know how many brides stick with sparklers just because that is what everyone else is doing. It is your send off. Choose what makes you happy. If it is still light outside, you could throw rose petals, if it is dark, do a lantern release. It is your wedding. Do what is special to you and not what everyone else has done.

Don't Wait Too Long

This might be surprising for some, but don't stay if your guests count is dwindling. Any good wedding coordinator will tell you, your send off won't be as magical if ten guests are left to say goodbye to you. It is the hard truth that the longer you party, the bigger chance you have at losing guests. I am not saying that you shouldn't party the heck out of your reception, but don't let your guests get bored. It is polite for a guest to leave once the cake is cut, so once that happens, keep events happening to keep guests entertained. A game, a special dance, or a dessert bar. Have things going to keep your guests around.

Also, don't feel like you have to party till you have reached the hour limit with the venue. When you are ready to go to your honeymoon — GO! Don't let the timeline rule over what you and your groom want.

Sparkler Prep

This is going back to the topic of sparklers. My husband and I chose sparklers for our send off because well, we wanted the photos. But after about 10 weddings where I had sparker debacles, I have come up with a checklist. When folks get their hands on sticks of fire, they tend to get frantic. This list will help:

  1. Buy The Longest Sparklers You Can Find. I know they are more expensive, but trust me, they are worth it. This rule came after a wedding where the bride bought 10 second sparklers and had over 400 guests. It was a disaster. So trust me, buy the longest sparklers they make.

  2. Have Helpers Light Them. I usually get 1 lighter helper per 15 guests. Start two at the top of the line, two in the middle, and two at the end. Add more if you have more guests. People start panicking if they think their sparkler won't be lit on time. The more help the merrier as long as the lighter helpers follow the wedding coordinators instructions.

  3. Buy Long Nosed Lighters. Not everyone feels comfortable with their hands so close to the flames. Also, the longer lighters' flames hold up better in the wind.

  4. Be Prepared For Taking Extra Time. It always takes longer than you think to get the sparklers lit, especially with a crowd. Be patient and keep everyone calm. There will be wind that blows them out, a faulty lighter, or just people confused about where to stand. Add extra time for this and be patient.

Have Those Closest To You Next To The Car

In the weeks leading up to your wedding, reach out to those you love the most to tell them that, when it is time for the grand exit, to stand next to the car. You don't want a random cousin you haven't seen in years being the last person you see before you go on your honeymoon. You want your parents, grandparents, and best friends there to hug you before you go. Trust me, it is a memory you don't want to miss.

Well there you have it, ways to make your grand exit magical. When planning your wedding, remember, do what makes you happy for the memories you will have for a lifetime.

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