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How To Choose The Wedding Photographer Of Your Dreams

Wedding season is in full swing over here and I am bouncing back and forth from weekday wedding planning meetings and weekend wedding day magic. It's a fun time to be alive right now.

A huge part of wedding planning is budgeting, and an even bigger part is vendor selection. With so many options and everyone thinking they are a photographer these days, couples ask how much they should spend on a photographer, and. if getting a really nice one is worth it. Here is what I have to say about budgeting for the wedding photographer of your dreams.

Before I get into it, please scroll through these STUNNING photos from Ash Gabes Photography from Nikki + Dave's wedding. Honestly, how amazing are these photos and how perfect and precious is this bride and groom?

Alright, here we go!

Wedding photographers are not a one size fits all vendor. When picking your wedding photographer, think about how long you want them for, if their personality is a good fit for you, and do a thorough search through their work to see if their style fits the visual memory you will have of your entire wedding day. Let's unpack this.

How long should I book my photographer for?

At least 8 hours. Book them for 10 hours if you want all of the getting ready shots at your hotel. Yes, you could make 6 hours work, but for the price difference, you really should just book them for 8-10 hours so no special memory goes uncaptured.

Is Their Personality A Good Fit For Me?

This is a question I think most people don't even realize they should consider. I tell this to all of my couples. Y'all, your photographer is with you more than anyone else on your wedding day. If you do not get along with them - DO NOT HIRE THEM! Ask yourself, and them, these questions:

  1. What is your work style like on the wedding day?

  2. How do you react when the bridal party is running late?

  3. In what ways do you show people how to pose for photos? Is it natural or do you require people to stand in certain ways?

These questions will just give you more insight to their personality. Make sure you get along with them before you book!

Does Their Photography Style Match The Visual Memories I Want Of My Wedding?

Your wedding day goes by so, so fast. When choosing your photographer, make sure their style matches the way you want your physical memories to look like. Look through their work to see how the other couples they've photographed look. Do they look beautiful, naturally happy, and glamorous? How do the venues look, do you see random clutter or are the spots they are photographing look pleasing to the eye? Would you be happy staring at these photos in your house for the rest of your life?

Lots of questions, but important ones to consider!

Wedding photography can be expensive! But the price is definitely worth it. Your wedding photographer is one of your most important vendors to book for your wedding day. If it comes down to budgeting, try and save money in different areas so you can really get the photographer of your dreams. I promise, you won't regret it!

Happy planning!

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