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Creative Wedding Menu Ideas

I think there is a stigma and too much tradition that goes on in wedding receptions. I am here to tell you that your guests are ready for change! When planning your reception, do what you want to do. It is your party and anything you want goes... including the food served.

Sit down, plated dinners at receptions were what everyone did for so long. But why do you have to have one? I am here to give you three other reception dining options.

Wedding Food

1- Pick A Fun Theme

Let's say you want to have a big meal, but you want it to be non-traditional? Then pick a theme and go all out! Breakfast for dinner has become very popular lately, but if you just have a buffet of breakfast food, it gets a little bit like a free hotel breakfast very fast. Upgrade your breakfast for dinner theme with a mimosa bar, initialed pancakes, and a gourmet coffee station.

You can do foods that are from your favorite movie, restaurant, or just foods that are 100% things the bride and groom love.

2 - Have Food Stations

This is one of my favorites. Instead of having one meal that everyone sits down and eats... have food stations! Spread them out around the corners of the room, and have different food at each stations. Have a taco station, a sushi station, a salad bar, a pizza station... whatever foods the bride and groom love. This is so fun because your guests can customize what they eat for dinner. It also makes the food lines go so much faster since everyone isn't going through one buffet line.

3 - Pass Finger Foods Throughout The Night

This is what I did for my wedding! I was tired of sit down dinners and wanted to keep things exciting for my guests. I had 3 different finger foods passed every hour which kept guests excited, busy, and wondering what excitement would come out next! I did this for my desserts too, but my husband and I were ready to go on our honeymoon so we left before I got to try them!

Wedding planning can be a bit stressful at times and expensive. Choose wisely where you spend your money. Having a plated, sit down dinner can get expensive! Instead, try one of my three ideas listed above that will save you money and give your guests a more exciting and enjoyable experience.

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