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Best Bride-To-Be Products From Kate Spade

The newly engaged feeling is something that I remember fondly. The butterflies, excitement, joy, it is such a special time in life.

To celebrate this season of life, every bride-to-be needs some swag and is there a better place to get in than Kate Spade? Do you know that Kate Spade has an entire bridal collection?

Since Kate Spade is my favorite place to shop, I put together a list of things every newly engaged woman needs.

1- Bridal Planner

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue!

This planner isn't just cute, it is functional - and exactly what you need to keep all of your wedding details in place. This planner has checklist, to do note sections, bridal party information slots, stickers, and more. It is the planner to have for all brides-to-be.

2- Mrs. Robe

Every bride needs a robe leading up to her wedding. This one from Kate Spade is soft, luxurious, and even has the Mrs. on it! Perfect for the wedding day and then for the honeymoon - this is a must for brides.

3- Satin Bow Veiled Headband

Have you ever seen a headband that is cuter than this? I just love it. A bride-to-be could wear this to her bridal showers, engagement parties, and rehearsal dinner... just to name a few. This headband is so chic and exciting and something that the bride in your life needs. Don't walk to get this one, run!

4- Miss To Mrs. Tumbler

Everyone drinks beverages, but brides need to do it in style. I recommend at least one, but preferably two, bridal tumblers for a newly engaged female. One for coffee one for water... or mimosas. These are so useful and fun to carry around.

5- Say Yes Mrs. Studs

Chic, classic, and cute are the words I would use to describe these. The Say Yes Mrs. Studs are the perfect gift for the bride in your life. They are an adorable way to accentuate the bridal bling on any outfit.

Honestly, I don't think there is anything you can buy from the Kate Spade Bridal Collection that wouldn't be spectacular. However, these are my 5 favorites. Don't walk - run and get them!

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