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All The Reasons Why You Should Get Married At A Vineyard

I always say that my dream life is owning a vineyard and walking through the rows of grapes each evening while sipping a glass of red wine. Does anything sound better than that? My husband and I are going to Italy this fall and I am worried that once I set foot in the vineyards there I will never leave.

I have always said that if I wasn't an event coordinator, I would figure out a scheme where I could own and run a vineyard.

Vineyards are romantic, classy, and make for great indoor/outdoor weddings.

So if you have the option of getting married in one... why wouldn't you?

I am going to stop my rambling and tell you all the reasons you should get married at a vineyard and even include some ones that are local to Oklahoma and Pennsylvania.

1- It Automatically Starts Your Wedding Off Right

Have you ever arrived at a wedding and thought, "Here we go. Another wedding that is exactly the same as the last one." I definitely have. If you have your wedding at a vineyard, I guarantee no one will think that when they arrive on your wedding day. The excitement of it being at a vineyard, the beautiful landscape, being greeted by a glass of wine upon arrival, all give your guests a unique and memorable experience before the ceremony even begins!

2- Access To A Unique And Local Wine List

If you get married at a vineyard you get access to the winery's unique wine list. This gives you a custom drink menu that would not be available anywhere else.

3- Creative Decoration Options

So many fun, creative, and unique decoration options are yours if you get married at a vineyard. You could turn old wine bottles into centerpieces, turn corks into place card holders. The possibilities are endless and aren't like other options you would have it you got married somewhere else.

4- The Elegance And History

There is a sense of elegance and romance that comes when you arrive at a vineyard that is unmatched. Did you know that the earliest large scale winemakers we know of date back to 6,000 BC? Large scale vineyards were really brought out to shine by the English who loved wine and started sending their ships to France to bring it to England. Wine has such a deep and beautiful history that is unparalleled to other outdoor ceremony locations.

5- There Are No Reasons Not To

When it comes down to it, there just aren't any reasons NOT to get married at a vineyard. A vineyard venue is unmatched and it will be romantic, classy, and your guests will love it. If you are searching for a wedding venue, go tour a vineyard. And, if you are searching for a wedding coordinator, fill out my contact form and let's start planning your wedding together.

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