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7 Reasons You Need A Wedding Coordinator

I don't think most people think about hiring a wedding coordinator till they are knee deep in wedding stress with a stack of to do's before you say I do.

Before I started coordinating weddings, I didn't know why having one was so essential.... but at my first wedding I realized that a wedding coordinator is a MUST for everyone who gets married.

1 - You Get Access To Years Of Experience

Unless you get married every weekend, you don't everything that goes into a wedding. Hiring a wedding coordinator gives you access to the years of wedding and event experience. They have ideas, tips, and solutions for any roadblock you will run into.

2 - You Have A Teammate

Weddings can be stressful at times. Not only do you have the logistics and emotions, but you also have family relationships that can be extra stressful at this time. If your parents are paying for the wedding and there is conflict about how everything should be, your wedding coordinator will have your back and have everybody keep the peace. If there is conflict between relatives because there is a broken relationship, your wedding coordinator will know this and shield you from drama.

I once did a wedding where two male relatives starting yelling and were about to start throwing punches during the reception. When I saw it starting to go down, I ran to them and took them outside. Far away from where the bride could see or hear, we worked it out. The bride didn't find out till after the wedding, and she was protected from drama.

Your wedding coordinator will have you back as a loyal teammate throughout your whole planning process. This is invaluable.

4 - You Don't Have To Answer All The Questions

The fact of that matter is, if you don't have a wedding coordinator you will spend the whole wedding day running around putting out fires. Whenever I do the wedding rehearsal before a wedding, I say that the bride and her mother have spent months carefully planning. And then I request that any and all questions get brought to me and not them. This saves you being asked 100 questions while you are trying to get married and are enjoying being a bride.

5 - Your Friends And Family Don't Spend The Wedding Day Working

If there is no wedding coordinator, then the mother of the bride and your close friends are the ones running around on the wedding day making sure everything goes smoothly. Ask yourself this, do you want those closest to you running around on your wedding day in a frantic frenzy making sure all is running to whatever plan they slapped together? Or, do you want those closest to you relaxed and able to enjoy the wedding while a professional calmly runs things? It is worth the added cost of a wedding coordinator every time.

6 - You Have Vendor Help

It is hard picking vendors. Deciding if they are a good fit for you, not being taken advantage of in their contract, and knowing the questions you should ask when deciding who to book is stressful! Having a wedding planner means you have their advice, recommendations, and expert approval on all the aspects of deciding on your vendors.

7 - You Actually Enjoy Your Wedding Day

Close your eyes. Picture this: it is your wedding day. How do you want to feel? Do you want to be stressed, anxious, and worrying about everything going to plan? Or do you want to be relaxed, enjoying each and every magical moment, and able to focus on getting married? Having a wedding coordinator means you can relax and be completely in the moment on your wedding day.

This post originally was 4 reasons you needed a wedding coordinator and the list kept growing and growing until I forced myself to stop.

Can you tell I have been on the phone with new brides the whole day?

There are so many reasons why having a wedding coordinator will make your wedding experience wonderful.

Contact me for your first step for a stress free wedding day!

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