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5 Ways To Cope With Wedding Emotions

Whether you handling your own emotions of getting married, or handling everyone's ideas and emotions they have and want for you, I think everyone can agree that when you are getting married, there are TONS of feelings swirling around.

Here are 5 ways to cope with wedding emotions.

1 — Feel All The Feelings

The day before my wedding rehearsal, I had a dance party in my kitchen as I packed up the rest of my things to be moved into my new home. Five minutes later, I was crying. Getting married brings on a rollercoaster of emotions that you never expect. Don't stuff them down. Let them come and when they do, let yourself feel them. Dance till you can't dance anymore and cry till you can't cry anymore. It will help you on your wedding day.

2 — Know Your Limit

If your wedding is anything like mine or the hundreds of others that I have coordinated, then there will be expectations both emotional and physical of others for you and your big day. Know what your limit is. If you have a pushy family member that is hard to please, tell your wedding coordinator, and every time that person comes up to add something to your plate emotionally or anything wedding related, send them to the wedding coordinator. Protect your emotions and your wedding day, and don't let the feelings of others taint your joy or excitement.

3 — Realize That Stress Meltdowns Happen

A stress meltdown is a nicer way to say a bridezilla moment. I had two of these moments leading up to my wedding. One was during my makeup trial and the other was when my seamstress broke her arm four days before the wedding and none of my alterations had been made on my dress. For the makeup I decided to do my own, which is typical for a micromanaging person such as myself. For my dress I called my adopted mother and said, "Betsy, help me!!!" Within 15 minutes Betsy had handled it and my dress was good to go for my wedding day and fit like a glove.

Meltdowns will happen and when they do, get those feelings out and move on!

4 — Don't Let The Pressure Get To You

So much pressure is put on a wedding. For lots of girls they have been dreaming of this day since they were a kid, others have expectations from others for their wedding to be a big "to do." Whatever expectations or pressure you feel about your wedding day, don't let it affect your peace. As a wedding coordinator, planning my wedding I felt like it had to be the most organized and unique wedding because all my guests know that this my life's calling. However, at a certain point you have to let go and realize that not everything will be perfect, and the only people you have to please are yourself and your groom.

5 — Cherish Every Moment

Take time during every step of the wedding process, look around, and cherish it. I did this throughout the wedding planning process and on the wedding day. In fact, one of my favorite memories from my wedding day happened 30 minutes before I walked down the aisle. I ran and kissed my fiance and hurried back with my bridesmaids to do final makeup touches and line up. I walked through the ceremony room, looked around, saw the flowers, listened to the musicians rehearsing, saw all of the beautiful things that everyone had worked so hard for, and again, burst into tears. It was such a special moment to just look around and appreciate the beauty and love that was in the room.

So take a breath, look around, and cherish the moments good and bad as they may be.

When handling the emotions of a wedding, there are certainly more than 5 ways to deal with them. However, these were my top 5 as I reflect on my own past experiences.

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