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5 Amazing Benefits Of Having A Micro Wedding

When I got engaged in 2019, I had all kinds of loose ideas in my mind about what my wedding would look like. I dreamed about what music I’d walk down the aisle to, what my dress might look like, and the whimsical fairy lights that would hang all around the venue.

I also imagined a sea of faces serving as my audience on my special day, a crowd of people who’d watch through teary eyes as my future husband and I exchanged vows. I was envisioning the kind of wedding we all grew up seeing in classic movies like Father of the Bride, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and 27 Dresses — each of which painted a picture of an enormous wedding with hundreds of guests.

But as the date of my wedding drew closer and our plans needed to come together, it started becoming clear that the big, fancy, extravagant wedding I’d always seen in my favorite romances growing up might not be in the cards. Both of our families lived internationally, we didn’t have tens of thousands to drop on one night, and the general stress of putting a huge wedding together was becoming real.

So we decided that instead of planning a big wedding, we’d have a micro-wedding — a wedding that included the “essentials” like a venue that meant something to us, a few special guests, and someone to marry us. Stripping down the plans for our wedding from extra to essential, while not the norm for most couples, was undoubtedly the right decision for us.

If you’re thinking about having a micro wedding, make sure to talk to your wedding coordinator about how to make this idea become a reality that still feels special (after all, they’re the pros), and read on for the 5 biggest benefits of throwing a micro wedding!

Elopement/Micro Wedding

It’s Better For Introverted Personality Types

Large weddings can be loads of fun, but for those of us who don’t love being the center of attention, being the bride in the middle of a bustling wedding can get overwhelming pretty quickly.

While larger weddings might suit some personality types, for those of us who have limited “people” energy, the smaller the wedding, the easier it is to not get bogged down by a million details and a million people asking for your attention. This way, you can actually have fun and not get burnt out on one of the most important days of your life.

You Save A Lot Of Money

Throwing an extravagant wedding in a grand cathedral surrounded by ten thousand roses and a live string quartet sounds like the dream. But the unfortunate truth is that throwing that kind of wedding costs quite a bit of money — money not all of us have.

One of the best advantages to doing a mico wedding? You save a lot of money by cutting down on unnecessary bills and only spending on the most important aspects to you. This might look like booking a beautiful venue but relying on an aux chord for music and serving “bites” rather than a full meal, or you could invite only a few, special people to a small church wedding and all go out to a fancy restaurant after the ceremony.

Mixing and matching what you choose to spend funds on, and what you choose to cut costs on will save you so much money in the long run.

You Have More To Spend On Other Things

Saving all of this money by shaving down any unnecessary spending on your actual wedding day will leave you with a bit more wiggle room to spend more on things you would’ve had to sacrifice in order to have a bigger wedding.

You could book a more expensive honeymoon with the money you saved, use your extra funds to start populating your home together with nicer furniture and other home essentials, or simply put it all away for a rainy day.

Your Wedding Truly Is About You & Your (Almost) Husband

Putting on a wedding is no small feat — from the catering to the decorations to the invitations to the floral arrangements to the seating chart, there are countless things vying for your attention, even if you have an amazing planner by your side. It’s still your wedding, and if something goes wrong, it’ll cause extra stress.

In the flurry of mishaps and last-minute fires to put out, it can easily feel like your wedding day becomes about everything but you and your almost-husband. Giving yourself fewer things that can go wrong instead of more will allow you to focus on getting married to the love of your life — the most important aspect of your wedding day.

It’s More Personal For Your Guests

Larger weddings might be the best course of action for those who have a long list of people they definitely want there on their big day. But for many, it’s not totally necessary to invite friends you haven’t seen for a few years, or extended family members to whom you’re not even sure how you’re related.

By keeping the guest list small and the celebration intimate, you don’t just reap all the other benefits for yourself, but your guests will feel they weren’t just a face in a sea of attendees, but instead a person who was invited because the bride and groom truly wanted them there. You’ll have more time to speak to each of your guests individually and make more lasting memories.

Closing thoughts

Bigger weddings have their upsides, and might even suit your needs better — but if you’ve found yourself only opting for bigger because you’ve been told it’s always better, allow yourself to explore the possibility of putting together a micro-wedding instead.

A big thank you to Keelia Clarkson for this wonderful insight on her own experience of a micro wedding. What a wonderful blog post with so much helpful information. Keelia is an actress and Editor-in-Chief at the Wallflower Journal.

Follow her on Instagram: @keelia.clarkson

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Thank you, Keelia!!!

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