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3 Things That Will Ruin Your Party

Are you throwing a party and worried that it will be a disaster? Don't worry, we all have that fear. There are however certain things that actually will put a huge damper on your fun event. Here are 3 things that will definitely make you not want to host a party again.

Don't worry, I am not going to say alcohol is one of the 3 things. In fact, serving alcohol at parties is an easy way to ensure everyone is relaxed and ready to have fun. In fact, I tell my brides that want a big dance floor at weddings not to do one unless there is an open bar. Just make sure if alcohol is served, to put it away about 2 hours before the event ends.

1 — Being A Frantic Host

It may be hard for some, but once the guests arrive, it is better to stop racing around trying to make sure everything is done and just enjoy your guests. Once people enter your home, relax. You can still be making sure things are where they should be, but you shouldn't be more concerned than that then your guests. Include your guests in final set up if it means you being a happy host and not one not mingling with guests so every detail is perfect. Remember, your guests are here to see you.

2 — Bad Food Selections

When planning your party, make sure you have a variety of fun and versatile foods for all of your guests. You don't have to spend three days in the kitchen prepping either. You would be surprised at all the unique, fun, and inexpensive party platters you can find at supermarkets these days. When I plan a party, I try and get three foods that I know everyone will love, and then three food options that are exciting and may entice people who want an adventure. But I make sure that everyone coming has at least three food options they will like.

3 — Ignoring Your Limit

If you are throwing an important party, know what your limit is. Remember that everyone has their own skill set. Hire out things that overwhelm you. If your space needs a cleaning and you don't have time, hire a cleaning service. If you can't decorate to save your life, hire a professional decorator. Even if this means your event will cost more, your happiness and peace matter. You will never host parties if after it is over all you do is look back and see the work and stressed it caused you.

And there you have it! 3 Things That Will Ruin Your Party! Comment below if you have more to add or a fun party story to share.

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